Monday, 23 November 2009


New compotition brief - create a calender for the National Business Calender Awards. So i've found some inspiring existing calendars from various designers:

Yurko Gutsulyak - matches
Sven Ellingen - hours of sunlight - post-its - scratch away
Jonas Kamber - wooden hinged
Qaaim Goodwin - single-sided poster
Kostya Martsenkivsky - cut-through
Foreign Policy - world map poster
Alone-zino - single sided poster
Carlos Coelho - single sided poster
Sharad Haksar - numbers in objects (not really a calendar but still nice concept)
Kyra Odi - moon calender
Anastasia Gerali - conections
Stas Aki - napkins
Natalia Rak - single sided poster

(most of the above via behance network)

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